We are providing high-quality wig tapes. We have a dedicated and professional team members that serve our customers across Pakistan at its best. We make sure of our associated with customer satisfaction, reliability of supply and maintained quality. If given a chance, we can offer free sampling of our products and on-site display of quality to prove our worth. We highly understand that non-surgical hair replacement and hair system outcomes should be accessible to everyone and not just those who can afford it. Wig Lord Tapes proudly serves these core values as we endeavor to achieve, natural-looking hair and products at the prices you can afford.


Our product is bespoke, high-end Hair Systems (Hair Piece) made with ultra-high quality. The hair system is designed to renew fully or partly at the top of the head. This section will need to be shaved and the hair system will be applied to the scalp using certified adhesive and tapes and will remain on the head for 3-4 weeks.

See below an example of the quality and realism that we can achieve​


Men's Hair Systems

Our men’s non-surgical hair replacement system are made with the highest quality of material. We use 100% real and natural human hair coming from unique sources. This premium type of hair will be very shinny and soft to touch and feel and it will give you an ultra-realistic look.




Besides top quality non-surgical hair replacement system, we also bring imported amazing hair accessories that will come in really handy with your hair replacement systems. browse our catalogue of hair accessories for your hair replacement systems.



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We started to import our own stationery items by the year 2010, we have specialized in the adhesive tapes & adhesive solutions. In the year 2016, we have expanded our self in the field of tools as. In this we have also started our online sales & services all over Pakistan.

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