Lace Release Remover 4oz


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Product Features:

Safe Removal of Lace Hair Systems attached with soft Adhesive like Ultra Hold and Great White.


Product Description:

  • Spray solution over on Hair side area of the Hair Piece to remove.
  • Wait 1 minute. Then, gently lift system away from head. Andprestothe tape and residue are released, avoiding messy cleanup and tape residue in the mesh. Now if you need to remove residual adhesive from cap or skin, Lace Release may not be strong enough to do the job. Lace release is to lift tape from lace to protect lace during removal of hair system process. If you need more cleaning power I suggest going with C-22 solvent or Rapid Release Solvent. it will do both jobs.
  • Shampoo and Rinse.

4 Oz Spray Bottle for easy Use

Safe Removal of Lace Hair Systems attached with soft Adhesives like Ultra Hold and Great White.

Lace Release reduces the chance of damaging lace or mesh frontal by releasing the adhesive or tape from the hair system. Used properly, most of the adhesive will remain on the scalp, not on the hair system. Lace Release is NON-OILY!

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